This could get complicated

Like I mentioned in yesterday’s post, we are in the puppy matching process. And things can get complicated sometimes. Let me see if I can explain it, so everyone knows how this process works.

For now I’ll just use numbers instead of names to keep things anonymous.

#1 Wants the red collared male from Rosie’s litter. Great; done!

#2 Did not respond to email or phone call; skip.

#3 Skipped Rosie and Jules’ litters; has plans in July. Wants puppy later.

#4 Skip Rosie’s litter; wants to see Jules’ litter a bit older and chose one of them.

#5 Skipping Rosie and Jules’ litter; wants a puppy later from a different pair.

#6 Skipping Rosie and Jules’ litter hoping for a dark puppy from another mom

#7 No reponse

#8 & #9 Skip Rosie’s litter (for timing reasons) wants two pups from Jules’ litter

#10 Still deciding…wants a female

So you see how things are going and how sometimes people further down the list may end up with a puppy sooner than later.

Now, just so everyone understands; let’s say that #10 skips Rosie’s litter and doesn’t choose her female pup because she likes the colors of Jules’ girls better. I would continue down the list matching Rosie’s puppies. And let’s just say #12 picks Rosie’s girl. Then #4 and #8 & #9 (same family; has deposits down for two dogs), choose all the females from Jules’ litter. What happens to #10 who was hoping for one of Jules’ females? That person would stay on the wait list. Her number would probably get bumped up as others ahead of her might have chosen from the current litters (#1, #4, #8 & #9). But she would then wait for a future litter to chose what she was wanting.

So if I get to you and ask you about our current litter/s and you choose to skip and wait to see what the next mom has, you don’t lose your place in line. But you lose your chance at that current litter while you wait on the upcoming one, as I will continue on down the list and match those current available puppies. (Unless, for some odd reason I go through the whole list and nobody picks that puppy and it’s still available.)

I hope all this makes sense and everyone understands the process okay. It can be confusing at times, but in the end things seem to work out and everyone is happy!  🙂

But I promise, the wait will be worth it! 😀

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