Was it worth it?

Yesterday I got up early, did my morning chores (and bathed two dogs) and headed out the door around 7:45 am heading to Pullman and Washington State University Veterinary Hospital. No worries, nobody was sick or injured. It was a routine visit to have two more of our Cavaliers have their hearts checked by a cardiologist.

On the way, I stopped in Spokane to deliver our little Izzy. Izzy was a adorable brown and white Poodle that I bought as an older puppy hoping to someday breed her to Dickens for some darling Cavapoos. But Izzy ended up skipping around the yard (knee issues), so she was matched up with a lovely lady across the state. I was dropping her off with a friend that would then transport her across the state to her new owner.

The girls (Rosie and Treasure) and I continued on to our appointment where we arrived early. I was hoping we would get in early, but unfortunately the opposite proved true and we had to wait, and wait. I spent a lot of time holding Treasure and rubbing her belly. She was so excited (and a little anxious) that that was the best way to keep her quiet and calm.

Check up time came and all went well. We were helped by two nice vet students, then the cardiologist came in to assess the girls. Two “normal” heart diagnosis’! <3

Paperwork completed, bill paid ($100+) and we were heading up the road again. I stopped again in Spokane; once to exchange something for my youngest son at REI as he was leaving the next morning on a camping/hiking trip. When he asked me to run this errand the day before I told him I couldn’t because it would be too hot and I couldn’t leave the dogs in the car. He called a friend that works there, who told him to just tell one of the cashiers when I came in the door. Well, guess what? They only allow service dogs! Yep. But the guy was nice and let me just do my exchange and leave with no hassle.

I made a quick stop at my son’s to drop off some fresh cherries and eggs, but couldn’t stay because I had the girls.

It was a hot day! So thankful for air conditioning in the truck.

And hey, what kid doesn’t deserve a cold ice cream cone on a hot day after having to go to the doctor.

Well, I ended up getting home about twelve hours after I left, with the wait, stops and everything added in.

So was it worth it?

  • Getting up early
  • A twelve hour, 90+ degree day
  • 368 miles of driving
  • $100+ vet bill
  • 3/4 of a tank of diesel

Yep! Totally! It was all worth it just to get those two pieces of paper with the boxes checked “NORMAL” on them. 😀


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