Random snapshots from a Saturday afternoon

It’s so nice to have a restful day each week. Last Saturday the guys went searching for an old mine in the area and I stayed home. Well, I might have gone, but I laid down for a nap and they didn’t want to wake me. 😉

So I had a restful afternoon just hanging out with the dogs. 😀

Family reunion time! (Adults from L to R; Rosie, Jules, Dickens, Noah & Treasure. Puppies; Cupcake, Gift, Wish, Party & Marie)

Bailey wants to be friends with everyone! For some reason the chickens don’t agree. 

I absolutely love him❤️ (Dickens)

Bailey and Sundae are becoming playmates. Not sure how it will be when she’s about ten times his weight. 

I’m coming Treasure! She waits here for me to love on her. ❤️

Hello Eli!😀
My pretty red boy, Clancy. 
Silly girls; Treasure and Lucy. 
I think Ben is still questioning “why” I brought this little wiggly thing home…?
Such a nice day just hanging out with the dogs. 😀

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6 Responses to Random snapshots from a Saturday afternoon

  1. kristycory says:

    These are all adorable pics! Are Lucy and Treasure your up-and-coming future mamas? They are both beautiful dogs and both look like they are smiling! Just scoping out what kind of future puppies might arrive :o)

  2. jamachiaj says:

    I love Treasure’s expressive, smiling face too! I’m really excited to see what her pups look like – I can’t wait!

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