Today we’re doing some moving. Allie and Faith’s pups have been in the smaller puppy pens downstairs. While Faith’s pups have had one of the bigger puppy pens in the puppy room upstairs. 

Now that all of Faith’s pups (except Klinger) have gone home, it’s time for these pups to have more room!

So while I did some cleaning of pens, the puppies had their own adventures👍

Then it was moving time! 

Now they’re neighbors! And they have much more wiggle room. 😊
Meanwhile, Klinger will now stay in her own containment area (like I talk about on my website), an Iris pen. 

So do you know what that means? I can put the small puppy pens away for a while and have part of my house back!

Don’t get me wrong. I love the babies, but when they mosey home in the next couple weeks, I’ll be glad for the break. 

Except, for one problem….I’m keeping some of the Poodles so there will still be puppies here!😜

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