Boy, did we have a party!

What do you do when your kids are grown and you want to introduce your puppies to small humans?  Yep, contact your young friends with kids! Of course it’s a win-win situation because the kids are excited to come play with puppies and the puppies are getting introduced to some nice kids of various ages and sizes!

So yesterday we had nine kiddos, three adults, sixteen puppies and one supervisor (Reba)😉

Of course we did one litter at a time. And we used our “squeezey cheese” to treat the puppies with during the process.

Sit down and be prepared for an overload of cuteness; the puppies and the kids❤️

First we played with Flower’s Poodle puppies. 

Then we loved on Allie’s Cavapoo puppies❤️

And last, we played with Faith’s Cavapoo pups. 

I think everyone had a good time😊

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