Picking up your puppy

Some of you will be picking up you puppy very soon! πŸ˜€

Just a reminder in case you haven’t seen these pages to please read through them to make this time run more smoothly.


Also, as a courtesy for all involved, if we agreed on a meeting time and place, please show up at the time we agreed upon. I know everyone is super excited to get their puppy, but if we made your meeting time at 11:00am, please do not come at 10:30. I usually have appointments to meet people scheduled every half hour or so and it’s not fair for the person scheduled ahead of you to be rushed through their meeting. I want each family/person to have enough time that we can go over paperwork or questions they may have. If you do happen to get there a bit early and see that I’m with another person, please just wait for your scheduled time. Or if you’re a super early bird, please don’t assume that you can pick up your puppy early. This is usually the first time I’ve seen each one of you and having only talked with you I don’t know what you look like. I wouldn’t want to hand you the wrong puppy assuming you were the person I was to meet at that scheduled time! πŸ˜› (Yes, it’s happened before when someone got there ahead of the scheduled person I was expecting).

Also, please (unless it’s an emergency) don’t contact me at the last minute to change your meeting time. If I’m trying to get a litter of puppies ready to go on delivery day, it takes a lot of planning, organizing and work to make it happen. I deliver to Spokane as a courtesy and don’t mind meeting you all there to save you the two hour drive to my house. So trying to change your time or place at the last minute is really stressful. If I’m planning on meeting everyone in Spokane, my housekeeping is the the last thing on my mind! πŸ˜› So if you want to come to my house at the last minute, that just puts more stress and work on my plate..oh my!

It’s almost time to meet your adorable puppy! Can’t wait!

Thanks so much for you help and cooperation through this process! πŸ˜€

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