I need to can

Yep, the peaches and apricots are still sitting here. Because I have puppy training to do also. 

The Poodles went directly outside this morning for potty and playtime while I did morning chores. 

Then they came in for breakfast; in individual crates. They are use to having a crate in their puppy pen to sleep in, but this is the first time they’ve been closed in one. To make it more enticing, I mixed in a bit of canned food with the dry. 

They still were not thrilled with the idea, but settled down eventually. I left them in for about thirty minutes. Not one of them finished their dish of food. So we’ll try again with lunch. 

Then it was back outside for a potty break and some exercise while I set up a couple Iris pens in the dining area. 

These are right by the back door so it will be easier to take them out for potty breaks. The litter box is there if needed, but I will try to get them outside after naps and such to potty. 

(Please excuse the “dog art” windows) 😉

I added babies to the pens and now maybe I can start on my canning. 

So, I’m kind of in the same boat as my recent puppy adopters (x 5!)


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