Recycle, reuse, reduce

My family was into recycling before it was “the thing to do”. And I’m talking yeeears ago; like covered wagon days. 😜

It was one of my jobs as a kid to “empty the cans and bottles”. My dad stuck an empty box under the kitchen sink. When we opened and used cans and bottles, we rinsed them out after using the contents and stashed then in the box. 

When the box was full, it was my job to empty it. Honestly, I don’t remember exactly where I emptied it. But somehow it went on to the recycling place. 

So a while ago when my husband was in a cleaning mode (no, not the house…rats!); the “property”, he was going to get rid of an old camper shell for his little truck. A “recycle/reuse” lightbulb came on in my head!

“Honey, can we put that in the dog yard for a shelter/shade cover?”

I had had a nice pop-up canopy in there for the girls, but a big windstorm had blown it over the fence and totally destroyed it. 😕

He agreed. And propped it up on the end of some log pieces. Now the girls had a new sturdy “roof” to provide shade and shelter if it rained while they were outside. 

Have I ever mentioned how the dogs (especially Cavaliers) like to climb on those play structures in the yard)?

Rosie, that was for you to sleep under not climb on!

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