Every August (for as long as I remember) our church has had a weekend campout. We usually go to a place called Sullivan Lake. But this year the group spot at Sullivan was already reserved, so the organizers had to find an alternate location. They did a good job.

What a beautiful, restful place they found at Lost Lake. 

Our family use to go every year when the kids were small. Of course as more animals joined the family it got harder to be gone the whole weekend. So the past few years I have just gone for the day on Saturday. 

And since I still had the poodle pups at home, it was the perfect situation for more socializing. Play, play, play!

Nap time!

Well, almost. 😉

Of course, Halo came too since she was still recovering from her spay and I wanted to keep an eye on her. And then there’s this one….

I had the puppies, Halo and all my stuff loaded in the truck and was just closing the front door to leave. And there was Reba standing there furiously wagging her tail, all excited because she saw “we” we’re going somewhere. I wasn’t planning on taking her. But who could disappoint such a loyal little pooch. “Aw, come on!” I told her. I mean really, at that point what’s one more dog?😜

Later, my youngest asked how the campout went and what the new place was like. (He worked the whole weekend at his EMT/firefighter job so couldn’t go). I told him about it and mentioned the dogs I had taken. 

“Mom, you took six dogs?! Most people have never even had that many.”

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