Late summer weddings

Don’t you just love late summer, outdoor weddings? We do. Especially dog “weddings”. 😉

Yep the guys and gals have been busy lately; at least two “couples”. Of course, we don’t know yet if we’re officially “expecting”. But hopefully in a couple months we’ll be seeing some fall colors arriving (apricot, red and blenheim).

Stay tuned for updates. It will be about a month before we can confirm if we have something on the way.

And in the meantime we wait for some of the other girls to be ready for their wedding day! 😉

*photo does not necessarily depict the above mentioned dogs. 

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2 Responses to Late summer weddings

  1. jamachiaj says:

    Oh, that footnote is such a tease!!

  2. kristycory says:

    Woohoo! Very exciting news! Can’t wait to see some chubby mamas!

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