Everybody that’s every been on our Pinewood Kennels Facebook page, has seen Bodie. 

And for those of you who at one time filled out our Puppy Application forms, I probably told you to do two things; sign up for email notifications from the website blog and “like” our Facebook page. And since there are actually two Pinewood Kennels on Facebook (the other is a boarding kennel), I always say; “look for the apricot Cavapoo wearing sunglasses”.

I like to change our background picture on our page and share different puppies, dogs and fun stuff. But I like keeping the profile picture the same so people will always know they’re on the right page. 

So that adorable little pup is Bodie. He went to live with a family member in another state when he was a pup. I can’t believe it’s been over six years ago! They love him to bits and pieces❤️

Today his “mom” shared this picture on her Facebook page. I just had to share it here. He was missing “his people”, but I think he looks adorable. 


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  1. jamachiaj says:

    Adorable little guy!

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