One Poodle, two Poodle, red Poodle, blue Poodle

Actually it was more like four Poodles and there wasn’t a blue one, but brown didn’t rhyme. And I was feeling a little bit Dr. Seuss-like. 😛

Yep, back to grooming Poodles again. I actually only have one true brown Poodle. That would be Reba. But all the light colored ones had a brown tinge to them. It’s called dirt. I guess I could pour concrete in all my dog yards and hose it off every day (if I could really afford the price of concrete and actually had enough water for such a chore! ;). Then my dogs would stay half way clean looking. Or, I can let them be dogs and allow them to run and play and dig in the “natural” yard. That’s my preference, and I think theirs too. Which means my light colored dogs usually have a natural dirt tinge to them. 😉

But for today, wonder of wonders, dingy dogs, became clean and white! Well, at least the ones that are supposed to be white(ish). As hard as I scrubbed I couldn’t get the red dye out of Clancy’s hair. 😉 hehe   In fact, I think it is a more vibrant shade of red with all the dirt particles washed out. Flower is now a sharp contrast of pure white and jet black. Allie is a lovely shade of cream. And Sundae again is showing his beautiful cream patches of color. I forgot how pretty his coat looks when it’s clean. (Seriously, you wouldn’t believe the amount of dirt there is on a country acre at the end of summer. And what a dirt magnet a Poodle coat is!)

All clean!

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