Of course!

So here I was expecting girls to come in season starting in July with the last one coming in sometime in October. But apparently they didn’t look at the notations in my planner. *wink

Not one came in in July. Then bam! Three girls came in season in August within days of each other! Then all through September and nothing. And now here we are in October already and guess what just happened?! Yep, three girls pretty much in season on the same day! *insert eye roll. 

That still leaves three girls to cycle. Your guess is as good as mine on that!😜

Like I’ve said many times before, when you’re working with living creatures you just never know what will happen! 

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2 Responses to Of course!

  1. ThatOldChickOnCampus says:

    Hi there! I’m looking for a cavapoo puppy, preferably dark apricot. My husband and I just got married and are in Lafayette, CO. Where are you all located? Also, how much are these little guys & gals?


    • Hi there, We are located in NE WA and actually have several of our dogs living with their families in CO (Denver area)😀
      Our Cavapoos are $1200. You can find out more about them and us on the website👍 Look under “Puppy Info” if you’re interested in getting on our list. Thanks so much! ~Jennifer Wood


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