Hide and seek

As Jules approached her due date I kept studying her; wondering, guessing and comparing her round belly to past pregnancies. How many was she going to have? I surmised three to four pups. My husband asserted “four”.

Tuesday came, and with it a drop in Jules’ temperature and some restless activity. True to the signs, she went into labor and presented us with the first puppy just after four in the afternoon. (Thank you Jules for the daytime delivery!)

The process continued steadily until the fourth little cutie had arrived. Jules seemed content. I felt her belly and didn’t feel any more puppies, so I cleaned out her crate and gave her a nice bed. 

Well, apparently Jules likes to play hide and seek! Because a while later another little pup showed up. And then another! She must have had those last two tucked up under her ribs or something. 

Well, I’ll cease my rambling and introduce you to Jules and Clancey’s beautiful red babies; five sons and one daughter!

And the proud parents❤️

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  1. kristycory says:

    They are beautiful! Good job, Jules!

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