Current waiting list

Thanks to each and every one of you that has made the decision to officially get on our waiting list! We feel honored that you have chosen Pinewood Cavapoos for your next furry, family member. ❤️

Please don’t get discouraged if you have a large number by your name. Or if you’re considering getting on our list and see the length. 

Like I’ve said many times before “You never know what might happen.”

Let me give an example. This past spring, our waiting list was near 28 (if memory serves me well) and I was trying to match two litters of eleven puppies total. After going through each person on the list, #23 was actually matched with a puppy!

Sometimes people pass on a puppy or litter for various reasons (life or job change, vacation plans, etc). So they “pass” (but keep their place in our list) and we keep working down the list until each available puppy is matched with its forever family. 

Here is our current list (with a couple more deposits on the way)

  1. Dana & Jordan
  2. Nancy & Marty
  3. Christine
  4. Roxanna
  5. Shira & Paul
  6. Shirley
  7. Lindsey
  8. Cooper & Paige
  9. Kristy
  10. Jackie
  11. Debra & Lyman
  12. Sarah
  13. Liz
  14. Brett & Kathleen
  15. Jen
  16. Kristen
  17. Jim & Carla
  18. Elizabeth 
  19. Erin
  20. Hyejin & Dennis
  21. Erin & Juan
  22. Suzanne
  23. Sharon
  24. Elly
  25. Ruthe
  26. Sandy
  27. Elisa
  28. Marci
  29. Michelle
  30. Samantha
  31. Cassandra
  32. Mary
  33. Steve & Karen
  34. Kristi
  35. Aarika
  36. Leyla


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2 Responses to Current waiting list

  1. Carla Haug says:

    Hi, When will Jules puppies be matched? I notice that this list is the same as the one from September.

    Thanks Carla

    Sent from my iPad



    • Yes, same list but with additions. Jules pups will be matched when they’re a bit older. We usually start around 5-6 weeks. Although I suppose someone on the list will speak up for the girl sooner. 😊


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