You just never know

The question I get asked most frequently from people inquiring about getting on the wait list is; “How long will I have to wait to get a puppy?” (Trust me, I’d be asking the same thing if I were in your shoes). 😉

I’ve written about this before, but let me try to just share a bit.

When you’re dealing with living creatures, anything can happen. Let me give you some examples for real life situations.

  • I might  breed a certain female and then for whatever reason she doesn’t get pregnant
  • I might have a bunch of people on the wait list wanting females and only get one girl in an average litter of five; or visa versa.
  • I might have several people wanting apricot/red and end up with different colors from a mom I thought was going to give me those colors.
  • I might have three girls come into season within days of each other. Then not wanting to have three litters within days of each other; I breed only two. And then end up with only one pregnancy. *sigh
  • I might have a mom deliver a huge litter of seven (above average) and two puppies don’t make it.

And then I’m dealing with lots of different people and their unique situations. And when I check in with them thinking I will be matching a puppy, the unexpected happens.

  • They had a job change, moved, are expecting, etc. I understand, life happens. 🙂 And so they stay on the list for another time and I continue down the list.
  • I might have several people that only want a certain color or gender and I don’t have what they want available at that time, so they skip and stay on the list for a future litter.
  • They found a puppy elsewhere
  • I contact them with email and phone messages and don’t get any response.

I’m currently working on matching Jules litter of six puppies. And in the process of hopefully matching a puppy with #20 on my list. And I’m still not finished. Yes, I’ve gone through twenty names for six puppies and have only matched four at this point!

So you can see how all of these situations and scenarios can affect the outcome of our waiting list. So if you happen to be number 15, 28 or 40 for that matter, please don’t be discouraged!

We think our Pinewood puppies are worth the wait and you might get a puppy sooner than you think! <3



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