Now that the pups are six weeks+,  they have sharp baby teeth and scratchy toenails (even with trimming). Which means mom is not always happy being nursed off of. She’s getting a bit grumpy at times (if you know what I mean😮). So I’m starting to let her stay away from the pups for longer periods of time. 

Puppies are usually completely off mom by seven weeks or a little after. But I take it on a case by case basis depending on each mom and her litter.  

These guys love to nurse (man, you should her the slurping and smacking)! But thankfully they’re also are vigorously attacking the soaked puppy food.

So all they needed was a babysitter; a snuggle buddy. I found one at my favorite second hand store and washed it up for them. 

I think Declan thinks it’s pretty cozy. 
The rest of the gang decided to join in on nap time. 
There’s nothing more precious than a sleeping puppy; except for maybe a whole litter of them. ❤️

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4 Responses to Babysitter 

  1. Eleda/adele says:

    Nothing can substitute a mother’s love , but you’ve come awfully close… Blissful


  2. Alison Richards says:

    Will any of these pups be available? Can I reserve one


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