Small humans

I’m behind on posting this, but still wanted to share because it was such a fun day! I like to have the puppies meet different people before they go to their new homes. And since I don’t have any little people here anymore, (our kids are grown…how did that happen?!) I “borrow” them. Hehe..not really, I just invite my friends who have children to come over to meet the puppies. I mean who could resist an invitation like that?!

So the other day my friend and some of her kids came to visit, and also her daughter with her two little ones. She had drilled into those kids heads that these were little puppies and how careful they should be (I had mentioned beforehand that this would be the puppies first time meeting small humans) and the kids did great! And so did the puppies! It was like they’d all grown up together.

The kids got right inside the Iris pen and sat down and the puppies took over! There is nothing as sweet as watching children and puppies together. <3



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