Real life

Well, I finally am feeling half-way “normal” again. Whatever that bug was sure knocked us for a loop! A bit of a residual cough and not quite the normal energy level still, but that could be from getting up at night with a special puppy.

So what have we been up to? Well, like I mentioned we had oodles of family in and out for the holidays; which was wonderful! There’s nothing like spending time with those you love! ❤️

Then some of us passed this lovely virus around. 😝 Thankfully, with all the family around, the puppies got lots of attention!

Some of you might have seen from the pictures yesterday that four of the six puppies from Jules’ and Clancy’s litter went home yesterday. I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again; that has to be my favorite part of the “job”. Seriously, how touching is it when people cry when they see their puppy for the first time because they’re so excited?! The only problem is, it usually gets my eyes watering too!

Rohan and Declan (now known as Cubbie) are still here. Rohan will be leaving next Sunday and Cubbie will be staying on until February in our Progressive Puppy Program because his mom is busy with already scheduled business trips.

So I already shared a bit about Reba’s litter. (They have their own page under the Cavapoo heading). And I mentioned Lucy had special packages arriving. I apologize for not posting more information any sooner. Like you can imagine, things have been a bit crazy around here!

Reba’s puppies arrived on the Sunday before Christmas, Lucy’s arrived on Tuesday and then Faith decided; “Why wait?” and had her’s the next day on Wednesday! So right now, I have sixteen wee puppies in my house! 😮

I will try to get pictures and more details up tomorrow; but in a nutshell; Reba has two boys and two girls, Lucy has three boys and three girls and Faith’s litter of purebred Cavaliers produced six girls (that’s unheard of around here!) and one boy.

Now for the “real” part of life. Unfortunately, one of Faith’s puppies is not doing well. She lost weight after birth (which is fairly common), but instead of going back up, her weight continued to decrease. She is now on a “orphan” diet; meaning she is fed round the clock (every three hours) since we don’t know how much or if she is even nursing. She has been to the vet who found nothing abnormal about her. I personally think with Faith’s big litter that she just got pushed away from the milk bar. And with the craziness of everything here, I didn’t realize it and supplement her enough from the start to give her the boost she needed. 😕   I’ve also taken her off Faith and given her to Reba, since Reba has a smaller sized litter. I thought she’d have a better chance with that bunch. Unfortunately, she’s not out of the woods yet.

Anyways, that’s a little recap of my crazy life right now. Gotta run! It’s time to feed the baby again.

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  1. Eleda/adele says:

    I don’t know how you do it,but it seems you do it quite well. Continued strength and good health to you and those magnificent mommies and babies !

  2. elisa r says:

    Praying for the little puppy that is struggling!

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