It’s not spam!

Technology is so awesome! And sometimes it’s the pits!

One reason I am behind on updating my waiting list is some technical difficulties I thought I was having on my website. Whenever any of you fill out our Puppy Application forms and submit them, they got directly to my email (which I check frequently) and try to be prompt about responding to.

Well, about mid November someone contacting me asking if I had received their completed Puppy Application. (*insert surprised look). Well, no I hadn’t. So I asked them to resubmit the forms. But I still didn’t get them.

That’s when I went on the website and started searching and trying to figure out what was up. There is a section for “Feedback” when anyone responds to one of my blog posts with a comment. And guess what I found in the Feedback section? Yes, the application plus several more!! Ugh.. Unfortunately, the only way I would know if there were any new ones was to check the Feedback area frequently.

I was finally able to connect with someone in the tech support area today and he was working hard to figure out the problem. He checked several different things, then filled out the Part 1 form and submitted it to me to see if I’d get it. He also told me to check my spam folder. Oh…ya….my spam folder….. I hardly EVER check my spam folder. I found his form, and many, many more. So it wasn’t my website after all. For some reason my gmail decided to crack done on what they thought was spam. BUT IT WASN’T SPAM, GMAIL!

KEEP YOUR HANDS OFF MY PUPPY APPLICATIONS GMAIL! I haven’t had enough sleep and you don’t want to mess with me right now! 😛 hehe

No worries! I’m just glad I finally got to the bottom of this and hopefully fixed it. It will make my work so much easier. 😀

Now I can finally print off, organize and write up the updated waiting list! I think it’ll be another late night. 😉

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  1. Valerie Koppang says:

    I can’t seem to find the application?? Can you tell me where to find it? Valerie Koppang

    Sent from my iPad

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