I wanted girls

Sometimes I breed a purebred litter so I can keep a puppy (or two, or three…) to continue my breeding program. Faith is getting close to retirement age, so on her last heat cycle I decided to go ahead and breed her to Dickens for a litter of purebred Cavaliers, in hopes that she would produce a daughter or two for me to keep.

Well, God heard my prayer and gave me not one or two girls, but six!! That’s just unheard of around here! It’s a longstanding joke that there’s something in the water, because we usually seem to end up with more boys than girls; myself included (we have three sons). It’s a big litter of seven; all those girls, and one token boy thrown in the mix too. 😉

So now the hard part will be which ones to keep?!

We have one ruby boy, three ruby girls and three black and tan girls. ❤️

P.S. Our seventh puppy missing from the picture is little Hope who is with Reba. 

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