Spokane and Hope

Yesterday it was time for Rohan to go home to his family. (They were not able to make it the week before when the rest of the pups went home, because they were not home from vacation yet).

So off we went to Spokane again! But I wasn’t alone; there was Rohan (of course), baby Hope (I still needed to feed her every three hours; and a Spokane trip is an all day affair) and my friend Karen accompanied me too.

That morning when I got up around 5:15 to let moms out and feed Hope, I peeked into Reba’s crate and it looked like Hope was nursing! I can’t say she was for sure, but she was on top of the pile that were lined up against Reba. I ran for my camera, but of course when I leaned in for a pictures she had already rolled off.

She is definitely getting stronger. And her breathing seems easier. Although she still gets a bit phlegmy (is that a word?) after I get done feeding her. So I use a baby bulb syringe to suction her mouth out. I dare say, maybe we’re out of the woods?! And all of your prayers have made the difference. ❤️

Bags are packed! The “baby” bag with formula, water to rinse the syringe and tube, towels, baby wipes, and medication. The other bag is actually an insulated lunch bag (thank you @thepioneerwoman) for baby Hope. It will keep her warm (with either the heating pad or hand warmers stuffed in a sock and her towel and blanket). And it’s so pretty, I can take it places and everybody will think it’s just a purse! 😉

Right before we left, I reached in Reba’s crate to grab Hope. And, I think she was latched on (nursing).😮 Of all times, I had to pull her away and go! But it gives me hope that she will be transitioning over to nursing on her own soon!

Hope is settled in the truck in her insulated bag with the heating pad plugged into an accessory plug.

She got lots of love and cuddles from “Aunt” Karen on the trip. ❤️

Our handoff of Rohan (now Charlie) to his excited family was a success!

We made a few stops after that before heading back home through a snow storm.

Yep, baby Hope went with us to Blaze Pizza (no, she didn’t get any).

And she went to Costco too.

A another long (but successful day). 😊


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