Cavapoos litter plans

I know that our waiting list is getting quite long (THANK YOU everyone for choosing to put your confidence in us and get on our wait list!). And some of you that are further down the list have been asking when our next litters will be (after Lucy and Reba’s current ones). So I thought I’d share a bit of the plans for the first part of 2017.

Usually our girls cycle twice a year. Thankfully, they don’t all come in season at the same time (although sometimes 1,2 or 3 will!). They start coming in season usually in January and by the time all the girls go through their cycles (three weeks long for each one) it will take several months. So basically it will be January through probably March or April before they’re all done. Off the top of my head I can think of four girls for sure that I will be breeding during that time. The gestation period is about two months, so puppies would arrive two months after whenever each girl is bred. Then the puppies will go home approximately two months after that. For example if one comes in the first of February, is bred and gets pregnant; she will deliver pups around mid April. Her pups would then be ready to go home around the middle to late June.

In fact, I have exciting news! Our first girl is in the process of being bred this week! It’s our lovely black and white Poodle, Flower who is being bred to the handsome Mr. Dickens. Flower gave us some gorgeous Poodle puppies in her first ever litter. This will be her first Cavapoo litter so it will be exciting to see what she and Dickens produce. I’m guessing we will get black and white and blenheim colored puppies.

The other girls that I’m planning on breeding in the next couple months (or whenever they come in season) are; Rosie (blenheim Cavalier), Treasure (blenheim Cavalier) and Allie (cream Poodle). These girls should give us red, apricot and blenheim colored puppies!

And for all those who have recently gotten on our waiting list; please make sure that you “like” and follow on Pinewood Kennels Facebook page. (Look for the apricot Cavapoo wearing sunglasses). Also it’s super important that you sign up for email notifications from our blog/website. Those are the two places that I will post news and updates on what is happening around here! 😀 You might also be interested in our Pinewood Kennels Cavappoos Your Tube channel and we’re on Instagram under  “pinewoodcavapoos”. Plus there is loads of information on our website and past blog posts to keep you busy while you wait for your special puppy!

Thanks again everyone!

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