Moving is done!

So today was a big moving day for all three litters. Since they’re all so close in age, it only made sense to do a mass moving project.

We have a spare/bonus room over our garage, accessed off the laundry room (which is right off the kitchen). At one time it was our two, older boys’ bedroom. Once they moved out, it became the “weight room”. Seriously, it looks too much like a gym for me! 😉 It was supposed to be my PUPPY ROOM, guys! But with only me and my husband at home now (well, technically the youngest still lives here, but he’s hardly ever here) I have a little bit more leverage and might be able to talk him in to getting rid of that one hulking piece that takes up a quarter of the room! :O

Anyways, that room is the only place in the house with enough room (even with the weights) to set up two four by four puppy play pens. So that’s just what we did today. And since Faith and Lucy are the bigger dogs with the bigger litters, they each got one of them. Reba is in a three by three pen which still fits downstairs. And since Hope is with her, I needed her to be a bit more convenient for her feedings and just for me to keep an eye on her. So now instead of her big crate being in front of the couch I sleep on, it’s behind me, but still handy.

All the pens now have litter boxes in them, which I put right next to their beds. Puppies will usually wake up and toddle off the bed to go potty. Hopefully, they’ll toddle right onto the litter boxes. I use a *Ugodog for Reba, since it fits nicely in her size puppy pen. The other two pens got a knock-off brand that is similar. At this age, the puppies can not maneuver into a plastic box with edges so I need to use something fairly flat. The Ugodog is a tray with a grate over the top. In about a week the puppies should be able to use the other type, and I will switch them over the the plastic box with wood pellets.

I’ll be introducing them to new toys constantly, and also different sounds, now that their eyes and ears are open and they’re moving around.

Here are some short videos to show off the puppies’ new digs!


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