Hope today 

I don’t know why, but Hope is a bit fussier today. 

She’s been steadily gaining weight (about an ounce a day) for the last week. Then this morning’s weigh-in was about the same weight as yesteday. She did have a busy day yesterday (I had to take the cat to the vet and she went along for the ride). Maybe it was too stressful.  

She did take a bit of milk by mouth from the syringe today. And some liver water that a fellow dog breeder suggested. 

But for some reason she’s been fussing this afternoon when I put her to bed. 

This is were she seems more comfortable. But even in my arms she’s fussier than usual. 
She still sounds like a kid with a stuffy nose and congestion. I’m sure that smushy, short Cavalier nose doesn’t help the situation. 

We’re even trying some essential oils in a diffuser that are supposed to be good for respiratory issues. (A big THANK YOU! To my buddy Karen for sharing these with Hope).

And that’s Hope for today. ❤️

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  1. jamachiaj says:

    I hope little Hope continues to improve. I’m writing because you mention essential oils in your last post.

    When I was potty training Maple, I wanted a natural substance that I could use on my rug and floor etc. to get rid of any trace urine scent and discourage her from having accidents in the same spot.

    I started using essential oils that I had around the house (grapefruit, lemon, peppermint) and sprinkled it on areas of the rug that she’d gone potty on. What I observed is that she seems to have a respiratory reaction whenever she encounters citrus scents or essential oils – sneezing, “reverse sneezing”, wheezing, and shaking her head and burying her face as if she’s trying to wipe the odor from her nose.

    I was concerned about this because I’d heard that certain essential oils could be used as flea repellant. The advice was to apply a bit around their neck or on their collar. I went to Mud Bay pet supply store and did research online and learned that there are about 30 essential oils that should never be used near dogs, as they can cause respiratory issues, and even depression (?).

    There’s a list of essential oils that are generally regarded as safe to use in diluted amounts around dogs but every piece of literature I came across noted that most essential oils are toxic to cats and that extreme caution should be used with small dogs – even as adults. I saw many warnings in regard to using even the “safe in diluted amounts” essential oils around pregnant or sick dogs and pups younger than 10 weeks.

    Maple is 7 months and still cannot tolerate the scent of lemon, lime, grapefruit, or peppermint. It seems like she has asthma for a couple of minutes after encountering it. I’m not sure if she’s especially sensitive or what but thought I’d write you a note in case baby Hope is a little irritated by the essential oil.

    You’ve raised dogs for so many years that I’m sure you already know what’s best but I had to comment just in case :).

    On Tue, Jan 17, 2017 at 6:15 PM, pinewoodcavapoos wrote:

    > pinewoodcavapoos posted: “I don’t know why, but Hope is a bit fussier > today. She’s been steadily gaining weight (about an ounce a day) for the > last week. Then this morning’s weigh-in was about the same weight as > yesteday. She did have a busy day yesterday (I had to take the” >

    • Thanks Jamachia,
      A friend who is familiar with EO (I’m still in the beginner/learning phase) did some research and the ones we’re using were recommended for dogs with respiratory issues. I’m using a very small amount (only 1-2 drops) in a diffuser. I talked with my vet about using the eucalyptus and she just mentioned how dogs noses are much more sensitive than ours and to not overdo it.
      But I thank you so much for the information and your concern! I really appreciate it and will keep that in mind. Especially is I see a change in her.
      The reverse sneezing is very common, especially in small dogs it seems, but there doesn’t seem to be any harm in it from what I’ve read. I usually just put my hand over the dogs nose for a second to kind of “interrupt”the process and let them catch their breath.
      Thank you again for reaching out! Hugs to you and Miss Maple!

  2. jamachiaj says:

    🙂 Okay, good to know that I don’t need to be concerned about the reverse sneezing! It can be alarming, so that’s a relief. I’ll try your trick of placing my hand over her nose for a sec instead of my standard rubbing her throat and repeatedly asking, “Are you okay?! Are you okay?! Mama loves you…” hahaha

    Also, I thought my email would go to your inbox privately – not post as such a long comment on your blog. Oops!

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