Life with dogs

Or it could be titled, “My Dog Ate It”. Or maybe, “Could You Send Another Check?”

I always ask those who have filled out our Puppy Applications to let me know when they mail their deposit check to me. We live in a rural area and are about a half mile up a mountain from our mail box. There are some days (most actually) that I don’t leave home, so my faithful husband grabs the mail after work on his way up the hill.

The other day one of my adopters let me know she had shipped her deposit via FedEx. Last night I responded to some emails and hers was one. I let her know that I hadn’t received anything yet. Another (somewhat concerned) email arrived from her this morning saying she had gotten a notification that it had been delivered to my house. Uh-oh….

I had been gone for a about three hours yesterday went I went back to town to pick up my cat. But there was nothing on the porch when I got home. (I got a hold of the delivery guy via phone after I found out it had been delivered, and he said he had set it by our front door). And of course, I didn’t see her email until this morning….after we’d had a six inch snowfall during the night.

My educated guess is, Bailey (our half-grown Pyrenees pup) saw that nice package on the front porch and decided it was something to play with. And of course after the snowfall we had, it could be anywhere in the yard! 😮

I even went out with a shovel and dug around Bailey’s favorite spots hoping to find it. No luck. All I found was a bone. 

Well, that’s a first….

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