Milestones and matching

We have a milestone to celebrate today. Hope has reached four weeks of age (along with the rest of the puppies; on Sunday, Tuesday and today), and she has passed the one pound mark! Honestly, there have been days that I thought were her last. It’s amazing to think how far she’s come. I’m sure her fan club has made a big difference with their love, support and prayers. <3

I weighed all the puppies yesterday in preparation for some de-worming medication. And actually Hope is more in line with Lucy’s puppies in weight. Lucy is a slight built Poodle and it looks likes her pups are taking after her (at least for now). Once they start eating solids, they may round out more. Reba and Faith’s pups looks like they are eating high fat milkshakes. So we have weights from 21-33 ounces in Reba’s litter; 16-27 in Faith’s litter (Hope is obviously the little one), and 15-21 in Lucy’s litter.

I have new puppy pictures to post of all three litters. AND, our first person is in the process of choosing her puppy!

So, if you’re on the top part of our waiting list, make sure you check your email occasionally (and your spam folder just in case). I will start working my way down the list soon checking in with people to see if they have any favorites. Hopefully our matching process will go quickly and smoothly. (This is for Cavapoos only).


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2 Responses to Milestones and matching

  1. Brittnee Martinez says:

    Hi Jennifer,

    Is the email you are going to be sending out for matching just on the cavapoos or is it for the cavaliers as well?

    Love reading all the updates that you post!

    Thank You, Brittnee

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  2. Brittnee Martinez says:

    Never mind, I just saw your note below. Sorry 😐

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