Needle in a haystack

Last week I posted about a FedEx package that was delivered and lost (thanks to Bailey). For those not familiar with the story; the FedEx driver had placed a package (containing a puppy deposit) against our front door. I was gone for a few hours while this transpired and when I returned, didn’t know about the delivery, therefore didn’t know to look for the (now) missing envelope. That night we received six to eight inches of new snow.

In the morning I received an email from the lady letting me know that she had gotten the notification that it had been delivered.

I did end up digging around out front in the snow in Bailey’s favorite spots in hopes of finding it. But it was like the proverbial needle in a haystack situation.

After the heavy snowfall it began to warm up a bit, which causes our beautiful snow to turn into slush. My brother-in-law started to plow the road that connects us to my in-laws and the county road when the front axle broke (for the umpteenth time). There went the wheel!

By Friday, the axle had been fixed and since my husband was home he started to plow the road and work on our front yard so we could get in and out with our vehicles easier. He was working right in front of the house and had taken a big blade full of snow and pushed it into a pile, when he hollered at me to “come look”.

And there is was, the needle in the haystack; the FedEx package that had been buried in who knows how many feet of snow, smashed against the pile.

Can you believe it?!

It was a bit drenched from being buried in wet snow for three days. But a bit of drying in front of the wood stove and we had a dry check!



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