Game time!

And I’m not talking about the Super Bowl! I’m taking “Puppy Bowl” hehe

I love interactive and problem solving toys for puppies. It keeps them busy and is great for their little growing brains.

I’ve used this one before with other puppies and they seem to really enjoy it. Today was Cubbie’s turn.

Under each yellow cup is a treat of some kind. I used various ones today for Cubbie. Each cup has a small hole in the top so the smell can easily escape and entice the curious puppy. Cubbie dove in right away trying to solve the puzzle and get to the treat.

It’s fun to watch  the wheels turning in that little fuzzy head as puppy tries to figure things out. The mouth goes into action as do the feet at times.

If puppy takes too long to remove a lid, I will tilt it and help him out a little. I don’t want him to get discouraged and give up without getting the prize.

Silly Cubbie thought it was more fun to carry the cup around instead of eating the treat!

I had to call him over to show him the yummy goodness inside. 😊

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  1. Paige says:

    I love seeing the older pups in action. I Wish some of your adoptive parents would share photos of their grown cavapoos. That would be fun!

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