Five weeks

I just realized I hadn’t given you all a puppy update lately. Things have been so busy around here, it’s crazy! Someday I’ll walk you through a day with me. (But that’s another blog post) πŸ˜‰

As of today, all three of our current litters have hit the five week old mark! This is really getting to be the fun time. Puppies at this age are starting to explore more, play more and become more vocal at times!

Yesterday I switched Lucy and Faith’s puppies over to the plastic boxes with wood pellets for their litter box use. If you remember, before I was using the Ugodog (a plastic tray with a grate on top) or something similar. Now that they are able to maneuver their little legs and are getting more coordinated we’ve switched to something with higher sides to try and keep the pellets somewhat contained. I was pleased to see how well they had used the new boxes when I checked on them this morning. Good puppies!

Yes, we get excited about poop around here. 😜
I did leave the Ugodog in Reba’s pen though since Hope is not quite big enough to manage something like a litter box. And Reba’s pups are really good at using it. 

The puppies are also starting to chow down on mom’s dish of food. I always keep a full bowl of dry puppy food in the pen for mom. Once the puppies start to become interested in it (somewhere around four weeks of age), then I will soak it in hot water. The softer consistency gives the pups a chance to do some taste testing. Even after they are eating it well and get older, I will continue to wet the food. If for nothing else, but to keep it in the bowl! Puppies are not the neatest creatures. *insert eye roll* They will climb into the bowl and scatter food everyone. I’d rather pay for good puppy food that they’re eating, not wasting!.

Each litter is different, but it seems the Cavapoo litters are more into the “new” food than the Cavalier litter. But they’ll get it soon. I think they like mom’s high fat milkshakes  better. πŸ˜‰ They are the fattest litter for sure!

All the puppies got weighed again and are getting their second dose of dewormer. Toenails were trimmed and ribbons adjusted or changed as needed. I was able to get new pictures of the Cavapoos, but the Cavaliers will have to wait til tomorrow. I need to delete or move some photos off my phone first. (* Jennifer’s interesting fact for the day* Jennifer has the Iphone 6 with 128GB of storage, but it’s full!! And they are mostly puppy and dog pictures! 😳 Apologies to my dear children.) 

And another exciting event is taking place with our five week olds! We are in the process of matching them with their forever families!! ❀️

Stay tuned for more adventures and updates!


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