Just to clarify

The puppy matching process is just that, a process. Sometimes things come together quickly and sometimes they don’t. Many times people pass for various reasons and I keep making my way down the list checking with the next person that might be interested.

Some of you have expressed your delight that I got all the way to your name, yet decided to pass on the available puppies or puppy I had. Which is fine. I know timing isn’t always right or you’re just waiting on that specific color and/or gender. But you expressed how excited you were about the next litters we might be having.

Just to clarify; just because I got clear down to your name on our current litters, does not mean I will the next time. You might have to wait for another future litter after that.

Let me try to explain. Currently out of the thirty five names that I’ve gone through; twenty-seven have passed for various reasons (on a indefinite hold, got a puppy elsewhere, I don’t have the right color/gender, timing is bad, etc). Nine of those people have been matched with their puppy….yeah! So the next time we have a litter (lets’ just guess there will be five puppies to match), I will start at the top of my list again to see who is interested in one from that litter. Now those thirty-five names have been whittled down to twenty-four names (because we take off those matched and those that found pups elsewhere). Also, I still have one puppy to match, and I know my list doesn’t end at thirty-five (that there are many more after that), but this is just to make a point. 

So lets’ just say, that the first five people all decide they want one of those puppies! Yeah, puppies matched.  But that means I only got to number five and not clear down to number twenty-something like this time. (I seriously doubt that would happen, but using it as an example).

So what I’m trying to say is, if you passed on our current puppies (Reba’s and Lucy’s) it doesn’t automatically mean you will get a puppy or even contacted for the next litter or litters. I hope that makes sense. I just wanted to clarify that.

And thank you all for your patience! I think the wait is worth it. <3

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3 Responses to Just to clarify

  1. Dee . says:

    Hi Jennifer,

    I enjoyed reading & viewing today’s Pinewood Farm updates. Cubbie looked so happy with his care package of goodies. 😊

    I’m also anxious to see how far our name’s will have advanced up the list after you’ve completed the puppy matching process.

    And I have a question; Because Jaime and I are new to the Cavapoo breed, and small breeds in general, are there any decent books you would recommend for new Cavapoo parents?

    Have a great night,


  2. Jennifer- thanks for the update. We’re curious to see where we are on the list with the newest matches!
    Mandy, Clay, Zoe, Stella, Hazel

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