Cubbie’s care package

For those who don’t know who this adorable little guy is, Cubbie is one of our Cavapoo puppies that stayed on with us for a while longer after his litter mates went home. His mom had a bunch of business travel plans for January, so she wasn’t going to be home when he was ready to leave here. She asked if he might stay on as a Progressive Puppy. A what puppy, you ask? If you’re not familiar with the term, here’s  link to help you understand. I only take one one Progressive Puppy at a time, and only if my schedule allows.

So Cubbie has been here learning the ropes, so to speak. Each Progressive Puppy is different. We work on the basics, but some pups need more intensive training in one or two areas. Cubbie’s main training has been “self control”. 😉 He tends to let us know very vocally that he doesn’t want to be left in his pen when I’m busy with other things. But over the weeks he’s been here, he’s learned a lot and has grown and matured.

His mom is anxiously awaiting the day she gets to pick him up. But in the meantime, she sent a little care package for him! I thought that was so sweet.

She included a card addressed to me and Cubbie. And yes, I did read his part out loud to him.

She included  a couple blankets so he could get used to her scent before they meet. And some cool toys!  Cubbie dove right in to check things out.

“Mom, stop it!”

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  1. Paige says:

    Oh my gosh that toy is ridiculous. I love it!

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