Poop happens…

And it ain’t pretty.

*WARNING: Graphic body function post!

Just when you think you’ve got most of your chores down, life throws you a poopball. Umm, I mean “curve-ball”. šŸ˜‰

I set up the kitchen this morning with toys, obstacles and all kinds of learning tools for the puppies. We had an upside-down garbage can lid (aka wobble board), a plastic feed sack, some metal grates, and big basket to climb on, a skateboard, and various toys; lots of different textures, noises, moving parts, etc.

So each litter had a playtime while I worked on other things; like cleaning their puppy pens and such. First it was Lucy’s crew. They had a blast. And occasionally someone missed the litter box, but it’s not to big a deal. Usually a little puddle somewhere.

Next, Reba’s crew had their turn. Same thing; playing investigating, having a good ol’ time with a couple accidents.

And lastly, it was Faith’s Cavalier pups’ turn in the playground.

Well, apparently, while I was busy with some laundry and cleaning, they turned playtime into art class with a little “finger painting” or should we saw “paw painting”. *sigh

And to top it off, Reba, pulled the Iris pen open, so the little stinkers had all made their escape while I was out of the room!

A casualty of the poop war.

Another one.

Needless to say, playtime got cut short for the little rascals.

Now, if you’ll excuse me. I need to go call the HazMat team to clean up and sterilize my floor…..

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