Seven weeks

Where oh where has the time gone? The pups all had their seven week “birthday” this week. They are growing up so fast and will be heading to their new homes before you know it!

So what are they up to? Lots of activity, that’s what! They love to play, play, play, and eat, eat, and poop…and poop…and poop. 😜 Seems like I scoop out a litter box, then do another one, then the next puppy pen. And by the time I turn around, I’m back to the first one scooping out another “deposit”.

They have playtime outside the puppy pens too. I’m trying to introduce them to different surfaces, textures, sounds, and some moving things also. You can see some of them here in the puppy play room aka my kitchen.

Some major things happen during this week too; weaning (completely off mom), starting on some crate training, first vaccination is coming up, and completing another type of de-wormer.

Weaning; well sometimes it’s simple and sometimes a bit more complex. Each mom and batch of pups is different. Faith and Lucy were ready to move on and send the kids off on their merry way. Reba, well, Reba is very maternal. She’d probably stay and let her pups nurse for many more weeks. Unfortunately, that doesn’t work well when you have to get them off mama’s milk and completely on puppy food. Since they’re going home, that is a necessity.

So we set up another puppy pen in the puppy room and moved Reba’s crew up there. Now, it truly is a puppy room! I can close the laundry room door to keep Reba out. But if I forget, she’ll run right up there, climb into the pen and let them nurse! 😮

Each puppy pen has a crate in it now with a soft blanket. The puppies love going in as a group and taking naps together.

And in preparation for their veterinary visit and exams next week, they will all be receiving their first puppy shot soon!

And all of our precious little ones have finally been matched with their forever families. (Which means I’ll me posting a new, updated waiting list asap for those still waiting).So plans are being made for puppy deliveries and pick-ups. And I’m sure the new families are in anxious-mode in their preparations also.

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