Winter woes

We have had quite a bit of snow this winter. More than I remember in the past few years. Which is great for the water table, but does make chores a bit harder.

Wednesday night we had more snow fall. Then Thursday brought freezing rain. It was a mess. I’m just glad I didn’t have to drive anywhere. I husband said when he went to the parking lot after work, that his car was covered in a sheet of ice. He tapped on it and it cracked and slid off! 😮

Even the horses were wearing icicles!

Now the snow in the yard has a thick layer of ice on top. When you walk across it, it breaks and makes a sound like ice cubes falling. When broken up, it looks like an ocean of ice waves.

Here’s a closer look.

So this morning, because of the freezing rain and a bit warmer temperature yesterday, my gate was stuck; frozen. I couldn’t let the dogs outside this morning to run and play because I couldn’t close the gate!

The woes of winter. 

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