Cubbie’s departure day

Cubbie headed out on Sunday to his new life. His mom and her friend flew into Spokane in the early afternoon. Which made it nice for me since I didn’t have to get up extra early. I was hoping to get there before she landed and surprise her by being at the departure gate or luggage carousel. But fate intervened.

Cubbie got his beauty treatment before we left home (bath, nails trimmed, ears cleaned, and a bit of hair trimmed around his eyes. He did really well for the whole procedure.

I packed up the truck with all our essentials (Hope was going also, of course), the dogs and headed out.

Then about forty minutes from home, I realized I had packed Hope’s milk, but not the syringe and tube! Oh no! I didn’t have time to go home. I called my vet as her clinic is right off the highway hoping that maybe she would be there checking on some weekend patients. But no luck.

Hope still wasn’t isn’t eating the dry kibble (which I had with me). But if nothing else, I could pop it down her throat like a pill.

Then I thought of these beef log thingies I had gotten before for the dogs. Seriously, they remind me of the  beef logs we use to get around Christmas time. So I quickly detoured to PetsMart and ran inside. I found them and some of raw food that was also packaged similarly. There were a couple varieties to pick from. One felt too squishy. If you remember, Hope had canned dog food at one time (and loved it), but it was too mushy and got her hole plugged. I didn’t want to end up with the same problem. I grabbed the firmer one and found a store associate to chat with. She said it was more like hot dog consistency. Bingo! That should work.

So off we headed to complete the trip to the airport. I had been texting back and forth with Cubbie’s mom and told her I would park in the metered parking out front. By the time I finished finding food for Hope and finally arrived at the airport, they had debarked from the plane, found their luggage and were waiting in the parking lot. Now, remember I correspond with my puppy people for weeks or months, but don’t usually know what they look like (those little Facebook profile pictures aren’t super helpful), but when I pulled into the lot and saw two people with a pile of luggage, I was pretty sure it was them. Cubbie’s mom had the biggest smile on her face! It was priceless. ❤️

So Cubbie was handed off and they left for home via a rental car and road trip. But not before I got some yummy souvenirs from Cubbie’s new hometown!

And Hope survived the day despite her mother’s forgetfulness.

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  1. Rayne Roberts says:

    This is so cute, Jennifer. Another SF cavapoo + family! I’ve enjoyed the adventures of Cubby! Maybe I’ll connect with he and his mom sometime down the road.

    Very best, Rayne


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