The third week

Between week two and when the puppies reach the three week mark, we see some exciting changes! The major ones being their eyes and ears finally open up! Now they are more than little rolly polly slugs crawling around. πŸ˜‰  hehe

For the first two days of week two (day fifteen and sixteen) we finish up the ENS (early neurological stimulation).

And once the puppies eyes and ears (more importantly) open , we can start “startle and recovery” exercises. Since the puppies do not have fear at this point, we’ll be slamming doors, dropping books, dropping dog dishes and just plain making sudden noises. At this stage the pups normal reaction is to “startle” and then “recover”; like “what was that?! Oh, no big deal”. This will condition them to new things as they get older and mature.

And since their eyes are open, we’ll introduce them to new toys on a regular basis.

They’re also crawling better. And as you can see, sometimes sneak out of the crate πŸ˜‰
At three weeks, each puppy gets an individual photo session and an “official” name. (Don’t worry adopters, it doesn’t hurt my feelings if you change it).

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4 Responses to The third week

  1. Paige says:

    This is brilliant! I am so appreciative of all that you do to prepare our future fur family members for us. You’ve taken so many extra steps to give them the best start possible. I’m so happy I chose you as our breeder. You rock!
    Patiently Waiting My Turn

  2. Eleda says:

    May the waiting list fall down and jumble up the order. Thanks for all you are doing, Jennifer!

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