The fourth week

Wow! Four weeks old already. And this past weeks has brought more changes.

This was the week the puppies moved into their new “apartment”; aka puppy play pen with mom. So now they have a bigger bed and they’ve been introduced to the Ugodog litter box. I’ll switch them to the plastic one (with cut down sides) and wood pellets when they’re a bit older and can “control” their legs better. Right now, they’re in the “toddler” stage; up and walking, but not super steady yet. The Ugodog is a flat tray with grates on top, so they can just toddle right off the bed on to it.

Don’t worry, Flower is not rabid. She just enjoys her NuVet supplement. And doesn’t know how to chew like a lady. 😜

I forgot to mention in the “three week” post, that we usually keep doing the weekly weigh in and also start the first series of de-wormings. Since it was a crazy week, I totally forgot to start the meds at three weeks though! So we’ll do them at four, five and six weeks instead.

Puppies are picked up and carried away from mom and litter mates for short periods of time which helps later when they are all separated and heading to their new homes.

The puppy pen is in the dining area of our home, tucked in next to the piano (which separates the living from dining room.) Kitchen, dining and living are all open to each other, but now the pups are closer to the kitchen and back door where this is lots of activity to see and hear.

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