Vienna sausage

You’ve probably heard of vienna sausages, but have you ever heard of a cavalier sausage? Yep, I didn’t think so. They are pretty rare. But, believe or not, I have one in my possession! I’m not willing to share it with anyone. But, good news; there should be some other little sausages arriving soon. Then I’ll be willing to share! 😉

I mean, seriously, look at this poor girl! 😮 She waddles when she walks. Her belly is hanging so low, that she high centers trying to get over anything more than a few inches high. But she’s still her happy, sweet self. And due any day now!


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2 Responses to Vienna sausage

  1. Dee says:

    Aww, sweet girl. She looks soo ready to have her pups. 😊

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