Feast or famine

Last year three of my girls came in season within days of each other. ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

(The girls usually all have two cycles per year, one about every six months. They don’t all come in at once thankfully. So it might take three to four months for all of them to go through one cycle; say January-April before they’re all finished. Then that is repeated again later in the year)

So there I was trying to decide what to do with these three; breed one, breed two or breed all three? Oh my! So I decided to wait on the youngest and let her mature a bit longer and breed the other two. And then only one got pregnant….. Ongoing decisions of a dog breeder. 

So this year it happened again; except it was four girls that came in season within about a two week period. Hmm…here I am again. Okay, so Murphy shows up a lot here (as in Murphy’s Law ๐Ÿ˜‰). If I breed two only one will get pregnant. Or I could try three and end up with one litter like last year, or maybe two. I mean seriously, with Murphy around what are the odds that they’d all get pregnant? One was a first-timer and they don’t always cooperate with the whole process. (“Mom, why is that boy following me around all the time trying to get me to play? He never liked me before!”). One is getting a bit older (not past the “mothering” age), but older, and she did miss (didn’t get pregnant) the last time I bred her.

So, I go for it! What have I got to lose ( lot of sleep, Jen…). If for some chance we get three out of the four pregnant, I have plenty of people on my waiting list to place those sweet puppies. That’s not an issue, thankfully.

Well, apparently Murphy went on vacation…..yep, you guessed it. Every.single.one.got.pregnant. ๐Ÿ˜ณ

Farewell sleep. Farewell bed. Hello couch, my old friend. ๐Ÿ˜

So what do we have coming up? A lot of people are going to be happy because all of the upcoming puppies will be blenheim, apricot or red.

First will be my little sausage..





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20 Responses to Feast or famine

  1. Kyla S says:

    Oh wow you’re going to have your hands full! How far along are they now?

  2. csasges says:

    Good news! Hope everyone is happy and not too overwhelmed. Any chance that we might be on the list for our new puppy (no pressure)?

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    • Yes, you’re on my list; application done and deposit sent! ๐Ÿ˜€ When I get some time, I’ll sit down and update the list and add your name and the other new people:) Thanks for checking in!

  3. Debbie Phelan says:

    Hello, Congratulations! Is there a full wait list already for Jules and Clancy? My sweet Ruby cavaliers – Nellie and her niece Scout- remain in my heart (each adopted by breeder at 4 and a half years old….) I have not yet filled out a form but will do so. Thank you. Deb

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  4. Lauren R says:

    Wow! Very exciting. Any chance you can post an updated waiting list? We were thinking it would take a lot longer before getting a puppy and now I’m wondering if it’s closer than we thought!

  5. Oh wow!! The girls are jumping with joy!!! Hooray! We’ll keep watching for updates!!

  6. Jennifer Hales says:

    If you ever consider retiring your cavalier breeders we would love to be on a list or be considered for adoption. We have one breeder retiree cavalier that we adopted a couple of years ago. She is the very best dog I have ever had. But she wasn’t cared for and when we got her she was in enormous paid from bad teeth and infected ears. She also has a heart murmur so I have no idea how long our sweet girl will be with us. I’m happy we were able to get her feeling better, but next time around I know to be more careful about getting a dog from a good breeder. I love seeing the way you care for your sweet dogs. Thank you for posting so many pictures and videos.

  7. Eleda/adele says:

    When it rains it pours, and in your case it’s reigning royalty in fluff!

  8. Brenda Hitchins says:

    How do we get on the list?

  9. Dee says:

    Happy for me and others on the waitlist, but bless your heart! When will you sleep? Wish I lived closer because I would absolutely lend a helping hand. ๐Ÿ˜

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