Cavapoo Wait List

Some of you might have missed my post about our current Cavapoo Waiting List. I used to have it on a blog post which you had to search for. But now I’ve given it a place on the website. It has it’s own page! Yipee 😀

Here’s how you can find it. At the top of the website home page is a banner with the main pages. Find “Cavapoos” and hover over it. A drop down menu will drop below it. The first one is “Cavapoo Availability”; hover over it and the Cavapoo waiting list will pop out to the right of it. Click on it and that will open up the waiting list page.



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8 Responses to Cavapoo Wait List

  1. Susan Redmond says:

    Jennifer, You are one clever and tech-savvy breeder!

  2. Mary EDWARDS says:

    Hi Jennifer–It might just be me (it often is), but I can’t get to the wait list page. I just get the enlarger icon. Mary


  3. Mary EDWARDS says:

    Ah. I see now. Sorry to bother you. My best, Mary


  4. Ambika says:

    So handy to have this! Thanks, Jennifer. I’m so excited to see the numbers change as your litters go home!

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