I’ve been mulling this over for sometime and procrastinating. But with the rising costs in our veterinary fees, health tests and supplies, and the time it takes to do what I do, we are forced to also make an adjustment to our puppy prices and policies.

This will not affect those already on our waiting list.

But if you’ve submitted an application and have been dragging your feet about the next step; sending in a deposit, now’s the time to do it! Or if you’ve been thinking about submitting an application and start the process, don’t wait around.

To get in on our current puppy prices, you will need to have your application AND deposit submitted by June 1st. (Deposit postmarked by June 1st is okay).

Our new policy will include a $50 application fee sent after your application has been approved. This is a separate, non-refundable fee. The application, plus the fee is what will get you on our waiting list.

Once you are in the process of being matched with a puppy, you will need to send in your $300 deposit. Your deposit needs to be here within five days to hold that puppy for you. The balance of $1200 is paid when we meet on delivery day.

New puppy prices will be:


Cavaliers-$1500 (with limited registration)


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