Our dogs

I finally finished the pages about our dogs! These are the dogs that are currently in our breeding program.

I’ve tried to give a brief description of each dog so you can get to know them a bit, plus added their height and weight. Their health testing information and certification can be found on the “health testing” page.

Here’s how to find their information and pictures. You’re on the home page now. Just look for “Our Dogs” at the top of the page.




Enjoy 🙂

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2 Responses to Our dogs

  1. Lauren Rose says:

    Thanks so much Jennifer.

    Have you gotten any feedback from prior Allie/Dickens litters on the temperaments of their puppies? Any idea what Harley will be like?



    • You’re welcome! I know they are much loved <3 Did you see the update about his "big" brother Charlie? Not sure what Harley will be like. It's hard to say at this age:)

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