Day made

I love when you all do your research, check around and then decide to adopt a Pinewood Puppy. <3 It’s a fun to correspond with you all as you’re getting ready for your puppy, to actually meet each family and personally hand over that little wiggly, furry bundle, and then walk you through the settling in process after you get puppy home and have questions.

I absolutely love when you all send my happy updates, pictures and sometimes videos once your puppy is settled into the family or years later, all grown up.

But there’s one more thing that is so rewarding. Something that just warms the innermost recesses of my heart. It’s when I get an email with this in the subject line;

“Another please!”

“Hi Jennifer!
We got Oscar from you back in January 2016. He is the light of our lives and we love him with all our heart! G actually said the other day “I never knew I could love a small creature so much.” We are interested in getting him a sister! I will send you a $50 check for the application. We are hoping to get the most popular, a ruby female! So we are comfortable with waiting until one is available.
Do you need us to fill out the adoption forms again for a second cavapoo?
I attached a picture of us from our wedding day a few weeks ago for you! Oscar made an appearance 😊 I’m looking forward to hearing from you, I hope you’re doing well!
Seriously?! Someone pass me the tissue. I think I have something in my eye. <3
Oscar you are adorable. But your mom and dad look pretty stunning on their special day! Congrats you two!




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3 Responses to Day made

  1. Dee says:

    That’s just nice all the way around! 💖

    Is Oscar one of Reba’s? He’s such a handsome boy. 😊

  2. Laurie says:

    You should look at Jennifer’s Cavapoos. We have one and little Biscuit is the light of our lives. We have a cockapoo and cavapoo. Perfect pair!

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