Another Sunday

But this Sunday also involves a Friday, Saturday and a Monday! 😉 Sounds like a riddle, doesn’t it? Nope, just another day of puppy deliveries in Spokane; the third one in a row to be exact!

I was all set to deliver another six puppies on Sunday, July 2nd when I got a phone call and several frantic emails late Saturday night from one of our adopters that their first flight had been changed to a later time, which meant they wouldn’t make their connection to get into Spokane. Poor thing was on the phone for hours late into the night trying to find some way to get to Spokane the next day, but to no avail. I’m just glad we found out before I hauled the little guy down there for no reason.

So I headed out early the next morning with five clean puppies.

025The first little guy to go home was Charlie. You might remember him from a blog post a few weeks ago when his family came to visit to make sure they weren’t allergic to him.

029.JPGNext it was Friday’s turn. He had a Cavapoo sibling already waiting at home for him!

031And what comes after Friday, why Saturday of course! Looks like he’s going to have a lot of fun with those two boys!

037If you guessed that Sunday was next you were a day off 😉 hehe…Monday was the next to head home with his excited dad!

039And last, but certainly not least to go home was our sweet little Marcia.

It was such a fun day meeting everyone and handing over their puppies!

045And seriously…stop it! You guys are totally spoiling me! <3 <3 <3  <3  <3




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