A good excuse

Since my Friday airport run to drop Tuesday off would be fairly quick and I didn’t need to stop and shop anywhere, I figured this would be the perfect continuing training day for Bialy.

So she and Tuesday both got baths before we headed south. I actually made one stop before the airport, at my favorite feed store and both pups got to go in with me.


009Our next stop was the airport to drop off Tuesday.

Then it was a quick trip to the ladies room for me. But what do I do with Bialy?

012She’s such a good girl! What? You mean the hook is not to hang my dog bag on? 😉

We got back  into the truck and I started looking for “dog friendly businesses”. Have you ever done that? Perfect, safe places to take your puppy for socializing!

021First stop, Barnes and Nobles! Bialy couldn’t decide which book she wanting to start (chewing) on.

We skipped a couple more pet friendly places; Petco (their parking lot does not have easy access so we drove on by) and Lowe’s (because I wasn’t paying attention and drove on past!)

025Next stop; Home Depot! This is a great spot to take puppies for socializing. There are so many sights, sounds and people!

026Tail wagging fun!

030Always bring treats to share with people that might want to pet your puppy. Puppy then thinks everyone is wonderful! I picked these up on our earlier stop that day at North 40. They’re nice and small and soft; a perfect quick reward for puppy.

028Bialy had her own little fan club going on in this aisle! These ladies were so enthralled with her, asked lots of questions and each went home with a Pinewood Cavapoos business card. 😀

033Our last stop before heading home was at  Petsmart. I kept her in my arms as we perused the store. I didn’t want any close contact with another dog at this age. You never know what kind of strange reaction you might get from a strange dog that might permanently scar your puppy (mentally or physically), or diseases it could pass on.

040047All tuckered out! (Sorry it’s not clear). It was a long day for Bialy, but she did awesome. She ate and drank in her crate, road nicely, pottied in her litter box on breaks we took and had lots of nice experiences!

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4 Responses to A good excuse

  1. Mickey Stein says:

    Hilarious! This would make a great children’s book.

  2. Dee says:

    A day well spent. 🌼🐾🌞

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