Roly Poly Three Week Olds

Our Cavapoo babies are three weeks old today! They are all roly poly butterballs. They’re eyes and ears are now open and they are just starting to use their toddler legs, wobbling about their beds.

We finished ENS (early neurological stimulation) with them at sixteen days of age. And now that they have ears open, we have done a few episodes of “Startle and Recovery”. The puppies have no fear at this age, so we will use something like a stainless steel dog dish to drop. The puppy does a quick “startle” then recovers and goes about his/her business. Now is the time we will be making sure books are dropped, doors are slammed, vacuum is turned on and things of that nature to condition the puppy to loud noises and hopefully prepare him to deal with those startling sounds he/she might hear later in life.

I took new pictures today and hope to get some short videos of them soon. They got their toenails trimmed for the third time, got weighed and will get their first dose of de-wormer today. Samuel weighs 1# 13 oz, Pearl is 2# and Ruby is 2# 2 oz.

I will start introducing a variety of small toys to them now and within a few days they will be moving with their moms into the smaller puppy play pens and be introduced to the litter box.



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7 Responses to Roly Poly Three Week Olds

  1. ahuva hammer says:

    adorable and i am so impresses with your work with the puppies enjoy them all

  2. Liz Easley says:

    How much does the cavapoos shed and how hyperalergentic are they?

    • Hi Liz, Honestly, I don’t think there is any breed that is “Hypoallergenic”. There are some hairless dog breed, some non-shedding and then some like the Cavapoo which are considered “low-to non-shedding”. I have found them to be pretty much in that category depending on their coat type. Hope that helps 🙂

  3. Rayne Roberts says:

    Omg they’re beautiful!!! 😲❤️


  4. Dee says:

    Sweetness. 😍

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