Summertime means..

Popsicles! Or as we like to call them around here, “pupsicles”. hehe

034First you start with little freezer containers. I found those small ones with the blue lids at the Dollar Tree for 5/$1! They’re about a two cup size. If you have multiple dogs, make sure you have a few extra containers compared to the number of dogs you’re serving. (They all seem to think there’s only one!)


Then start adding small pieces of yumminess.

042I ended up with little pieces of chicken, cheese, carrots and apples.

043Then add water some water. I just filled these about half full.

045Then the hard part; finding room in the freezer for all the containers!

And then we wait at least overnight…

108Once they’re frozen, I just twist the container and the pupsicle pops right out.

112Flower was in a crate drying from her bath, so she got to try one of the first ones.

119Noah and Dickens seem to be enjoying them.

121Bialy and Hope got to share one.

126Looks like Hazel is going to haul hers off somewhere.

143Rosie thinks they taste pretty good.

148Eli (pre-grooming session) was really getting into it!

157Go Treasure go!

158Our little “token” herding dog, Oakley. 🙂

161Mercy, getting that squishy face into her pupsicle!

167And Joy. Nothing like a cool treat on a hot day! <3


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  1. Patti says:

    Great idea!

  2. Dee says:

    You’re a good mama. ☺

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