Dog Drool Cafe

Lucy decided to eat out tonight at the Dog Drool Cafe; which is a very exclusive establishment in our area. They have some delectable doggie dishes, but tonight she chooses these special pieces from the menu:

  • Fresh, unadulterated, mountain well water; cool without lemon.
  • Delectable chicken and vegetables baked into bite-sized, crunchy pieces; with condiments of Nuvet and Canine Multivitamin/Calcium.
  • Eggs Benedict-O; personalized with scrambled eggs and hollan-dog sauce (minus the english muffin and ham/bacon).


As you can see, she is very excited to dig into her dinner.

And she gives the diner five stars! 


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2 Responses to Dog Drool Cafe

  1. Dee says:

    Boy, this tres gourmet dinner barely had a chance to digest before her 5 little bundles of joy made their appearance. 😁


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