It was just brought to my attention by two of my fellow Cavapoo breeders that someone is stealing their information and pictures from their website and advertising it as their own!! These people even stole my friend’s family pictures and changed their names! I suspect all the “available” puppy pictures are stolen off of other ads and websites also.

I called the number and talked to a man who said he was in Ohio. When I asked why the testimonial page had everyone thanking “Royal” (The kennel name of my friend), he said in a heavy accent, that they had just changed the name. I’m assuming the man is not even in the U.S. and he is probably scamming people out of  money for puppies he doesn’t even possess.

To say I’m upset is an understatement!

Please everyone, let this be a warning! Do your research! Please find out about your breeder before you buy a puppy. Are they even a breeder? Do they even have dogs? This guys’ “available” puppy pictures all have different backgrounds and the pups don’t even have a uniform look. They are most likely also stolen pictures from other people’s ads.

My friend’s daughter texted the man “inquiring” about a puppy. The response was a grammatical mess, mentioned that the dog was “AKC registered” (AKC doesn’t even recognize the Cavapoo as a breed at this point in time) and that is was good “with cats and monkeys”. *insert eye roll  I’m so glad to know that the puppy will get along with my MONKEYS!!!

Okay, so there are some obvious red flags (to me) on this website and with his response. But it might not be obvious to someone that is desperately looking for an adorable Cavapoo.

Please people, beware. Do your research, get references, check other places they advertise; You Tube, Instagram, Facebook, puppy advertisement sites, etc. Talk with them on the phone, ask lots of questions. If it smells fishy, it probably is.

Sorry, for the dramatic blog post. I’m just really upset, thieves infuriate me and I don’t

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6 Responses to WARNING!

  1. Susan Redmond says:

    ARGH! Scammers are the worst! No wonder you are so irate! Fortunately many of us are faithful followers of your wonderful blog so we know where to go for news about wonderful puppies!

  2. Dianne M. says:

    Thank you for the info since I have directed a few people to your website. Thia is sad for people waiting and wanting a cavapoo puppy.

  3. Patti says:

    This makes me so mad😡I am one of those people who is desperate for a puppy, and I can see how someone would be lured into a false situation. Some poor , unsuspecting, naive person could loose a great deal of money. I am so glad I did my homework with you Jennifer! Thank you to you and your fellow friend breeders for watching out for us!!!!!

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